A natural low sodium sea salt based on a unique blend of sea salts
harvested from the mineral rich Dead Sea and the Red Sea.
Its time that you took your taste buds to the next level.
An Industry Leader

A&B Ingredients has spent nearly four decades in building a strong network of assets, capabilities and expertise in the creation and development of unique food and beverage ingredients.  A&B Ingredients’ technical resources, pilot plant, application labs and microbiological testing has positioned the company as one of the country’s leading resources in unique 

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Providing Unique Ingredients

A&B Ingredients is an industry leader in providing unique ingredients designed specifically for the food and beverage industries.  For over 25 years, A&B Ingredients has assisted food and beverage manufacturers fulfill the need for health and nutrition products. as well as assist them with food safety, extending shelf life and offering products containing clean/clear labels.

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Low Sodium Sea Salt

Much has been written about low sodium sea salt and low sodium salt vs. excess sodium intake, especially with respect to its relationship to health and weight management. For instance, studies point to high sodium intake and its direct link to hypertension, a major cause of cardiovascular

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