Low Sodium Sea Salt

Much has been written about low sodium sea salt and low sodium salt vs. excess sodium intake, especially with respect to its relationship to health and weight management. For instance, studies point to high sodium intake and its direct link to hypertension, a major cause of cardiovascular


The Center for Science in Public Interest reports that hypertension is believed to result in over 150,000 deaths per year within the US.

Sea salt crystals spilling from burlap sack

In weight management, excess sodium intake has been shown to increase white fat cell mass, which poses a critical problem in weight loss.

While small quantities of sodium are an essential part of our daily diet, studies indicate that maintaining the right potassium to sodium ratio is critical in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. This is a difficult task in light of the fact that statistically speaking Americans consume three to five times the recommended amount of sodium. This fact translates to over 4,500 mg per day versus the FDA recommended daily maximum intake of 2,300 mg.

Traditionally, potassium chloride has been used by the food service industry as the choice substitute for sodium chloride. Unfortunately, the bitter notes of potassium chloride impact the taste profile of the finished product which, more often than not, leaves consumers with a bad taste in their mouth, literally.

Crafted in a proprietary process combining salts from the mineral rich Dead Sea and Red Sea, our low sodium sea salt offers the food/beverage industry a product that is high in natural potassium, low in sodium, all natural and without affecting taste. This low sodium salt results in a sea salt that helps maintain the proper sodium potassium balance.

This is of particular importance to the food and beverage service industry as public demand continues to seek lower sodium products. Two Seas Sea Salt® enables food and beverage manufacturers the ability to reformulate existing products without affecting their taste profiles in a cost effective manner.

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