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A&B Ingredients is an industry leader in providing unique ingredients designed specifically for the food and beverage industries.  For over 25 years, A&B Ingredients has assisted food and beverage manufacturers fulfill the need for health and nutrition products. as well as assist them with food safety, extending shelf life and offering products containing clean/clear labels.

The company was established on a tradition of research and development for the creation of unique ingredients for the food and beverage marketplace.  As such, the company is committed to working closely its customers to in the development of value-added, clean label products.  The result is the successful creation of  a variety of technology platforms, as well as increased  product development skills and applications expertise.   And, it is all comes together with professional expertise, experienced technical support and  a keen understanding of the marketplace.
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A&B Ingredients today is guided by the traditions upon which it was founded and continues to provide technical sales and marketing, importing, distribution and applications development/technical services to food, beverage and fine chemicals industries. Today, A&B Ingredients provides natural clean/clear label ingredient solutions to the food and beverage industry with a focus on health and nutrition, food safety and quality. Our ingredients portfolio includes pea protein, starch and fiber, shelf stable probiotics, low sodium sea salt, natural flavor enhancement, natural antioxidants, antimicrobials and yeast and mold inhibitors.

A&B Ingredients continues to fulfill its committment to assisting its customers improve the performance and value of their  products.  Most recently A&B Ingredients announced the availability of two new powerful naturally blended CytoGuard® antioxidants — CytoGuard® OX-WST and CytoGuard®  OX-OST.  Providing a clean label solution that addresses the problems of oxidation in food manufacturing, A&B Ingredients’ new CytoGuard antioxidants are based on a natural blend of tea extracts.  CytoGuard OX-WST a is water soluble antioxidant and CytoGuard OX-OST is an oil soluble antioxidant.  Both directly address offers food manufacturers a natural means of reducing oxidation problems while ensuring quality and extending shelf life.

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